Inca Ball

Inca Ball

Inca Ball is a clone of Luxor with the make up of an Azthec ambientation
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Playrix Entertainment

Inca Ball is one of the games developed by Playrix Entertainment. Playrix Entertainment is also the developer of many other games such as 4 Elements, Fishdom, Rise of Atlantis and many more.
Inca Ball is a clone of Luxor with the make up of an Aztec ambientation. For those who don't know Luxor this game is a ball breaking game. In each stage there will be coloured balls that appear in a row and follow a chanel which is different in each stage. If the balls get to the end of the chanel you'll lose a life. To avoid this you can move from left to right and shoot coloured balls. If you join together three or more balls of the same colour these will explode. The difference with Luxor is that in Inca Ball you get money that can be spent to buy special balls that you can use whenever you want. To select these special balls you must select them from a menu at the bottom of the game screen.
Inca Ball is a full featured time limited demo. We can play this game for an hour of time, when time runs out we'll have to purchase the game.

Jorge Tierno Alvite
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  • Original and good looking graphics
  • Good music


  • It's not an original idea, just a Luxor clone
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